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0→1 MVP in seven days

Launch the app you’ve always wanted.
We’ll design it. Develop it. Launch in seven days. Your idea can be the next big thing.

$7,199 starting price

Full end-to-end product design
Backend & Frontend development
Welcome call to meet the team
Dedicated Slack channel
Unlimited iterations
Delivered in 7 days
Let's talk about it
Launched two products with these guys. Not only met but exceeded my every expectation - twice.
Cody Hoffman, Founder MyTrees ↗

Any questions?

What do you mean by MVP exactly?

An MVP is the initial version 1 of any app. It typically solves one problem really well. So, we'll help refine your app idea to do exactly that. You will be included and help in decision-making so there are no surprises.

This collaborative approach ensures that the final version of your app not only meets but exceeds your expectations, with absolutely no surprises. We're committed to working closely with you every step of the way.

What does the 'MVP in seven days' package include?

Our 'MVP in Seven Days' package is an all-inclusive service designed to transform your app idea from conception to launch in just one week. It includes full end-to-end product design, along with backend and frontend development.

At the end of the sprint, you will have a fully functioning minimum viable product (MVP) ready for onboarding users.

How do we get started?

We’ll schedule a welcome call to discuss your vision and requirements. Once we've understood your vision, we will take 24 hours to present you with the proposed functionality and flows of how your app could work.

Before we dive into the big tasks, we'll check in with you to go over the details and make sure you're happy with the plan. We'll need your thumbs-up on two things: the features we're building and the look of the design. This way, we make sure we're on the right track every step of the way.

Once this is agreed upon and payment is made, our team will work on designing and developing your app, with daily updates and ongoing communication through a dedicated Slack channel.

Is the cost of $7,199 fixed or can it vary?

The starting price for our MVP package is $7,199, which covers most projects. However, if your project requires additional complex features or integrations, there might be additional costs, which will be discussed and agreed upon before we start.

What kind of support can I expect after the MVP is launched?

Don't worry, you're covered with a free 10-day support window should you need it.

We throw in one iteration cycle at no extra cost. Although it's rare for our clients to require further changes at this stage, as all features are approved and finalised pre-launch, we ensure you have this safety net just in case.

Will I own the app after launch?

Yes! the app is completly yours and you will be the sole owner of all intellectual property.

Post-launch, we offer tailored support depending on your preferences. If you prefer a hands-off approach, we can publish and maintain your app on our developer accounts, allowing you to direct your focus entirely on business growth and distribution.

Alternatively, if you wish to have direct control, we'll facilitate the transfer of all assets to your accounts, ensuring you have the capacity to host and manage your app independently. Whichever path you choose, we're here to ensure a seamless transition and set you up for success.

Can you handle specific technology requirements or platforms?

Yes, our team is skilled in a variety of technologies and platforms. We will ensure that we use the stack that meets your requirements.

We're big fans of the MERN stack. A projects tech stack will generally consist of an nx integrated monorepo with an API built using NestJS plus MongoDB along with a React or React-Native app for the frontend.

More complex mobile functionality may require a little swift and / or kotlin. Other tools / frameworks include Corda and Hardhat. uUser analytics and tracking is normally handled by Segment and Mixpanel with Sentry for exception handling/monitoring.

1 spot available

Product design only

All your product design needs in one.
Craft interactions your users will love, achieve market leader quality designs.

$5,458 /per month

Lead Designer
Available 5 days
Weekly stand-up call
Dedicated Slack channel
Unlimited iterations
48 hour delivery
Speak with a Designer
We've made huge leaps working with Shapeshyft. Exceptional design and product knowledge.
Ashley Arenson, Principal Product Manager MyPlace ↗

Any questions?

How fast will I receive my designs?

You can expect to receive your designs within two business days or faster. As soon as we have something to show, you will be notified in the dedicated slack channel for you to review.

Is there a limit to the number of design tasks I can submit?

There are no limits to the number of design tasks. Your subscription offers unlimited iterations, which means you can submit as many design requests as needed, and we'll work through them one by one.

How do we communicate and track the design progress?

Clear communication is key to successful design outcomes. You'll have access to a dedicated Slack channel for daily updates and feedback, and we'll conduct weekly stand-up calls to ensure your project is on track.

All of your design tasks will be captured using Notion. You will be able to clearly follow each ticket to completion.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with a design delivery?

Product design is an iterative process, and we celebrate this. If you’re not happy with a design, we’ll dive back into it with unlimited iterations until it’s right. Just let us know what needs changing, and we’ll take care of it.

Can I work with the same designer throughout my project?

Yes, continuity is important for us as well. You will have the same designer dedicated to your projects for the whole duration of your project to ensure consistency in your product's design language.

What is not included?

Our focus is on digital product design, which means we do not cover areas such as 3D modelling, offline materials, or complex animations. However, we have creative friends that can help. The chances are we can connect you with someone who can nail your requirements.

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